Hiking in Uganda – Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains also known as Ruwenzori are a range of mountains located along the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda is one of the highlights of safaris to Mount Rwenzori National Park.

The Rwenzori Ranges are the highest in Uganda, the highest peak reaches 5,109 meters (16,762 ft.) above sea level – the range’s upper peaks are snow-capped and glaciated. Mountain Rwenzori can be visited as a standalone adventure, especially for those more interested in the hiking experience. however, you can also combine it with other destinations along Uganda’s southwest circuit, including Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda is an adventurous experience and a great way to challenge your climbing skills. Although this experience is thrilling, hiking Rwenzori Mountains requires a level of physical fitness and preparation since most route to the peak will take you several days. Delight yourself as you touch the clouds at the highest point of Uganda and the third highest point on the African continent – book a safaris and enjoy Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.


About the Rwenzori Mountains – Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains were formed about three million years ago in the late pilocene epoch and are a result of an uplifted block of crystalline rocks. The uplift created three of the present-day African Great Lakes which are Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and Lake George. These are Africa’s highest mountain ranges with six massifs separated by deep gorges.

The massifs include Mount Stanley (5,109 meters), Mount Speke (4,890 m), Mount Baker (4,843 m), Mount Emin (4,798), Mount Gessi (4,715 m), and Mount Lugi di Savioa (4,627 m). Mount Stanley has the highest peak on the ranges known as Margherita Peak. Most of the ranges are now a World Heritage Site run by Rwenzori Mountains National Park in southwestern Uganda and Virunga National Park in eastern Congo.

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, hikers climb through different vegetation types ranging from tropical rainforest through alpine meadows to snow. There are a variety of vegetation species supported by the ranges and these include giant groundsel, giant lobelia, and heather as tall as 6 meters (20 ft.) covered in moss. However, there is an ongoing concern as the effects of climate change are reducing the Ruwenzori glaciers.


Why Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains are a popular spot for hikers in Africa and those on Uganda hiking safaris. The Rwenzori Mountains are the second tallest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Rwenzori Mountain is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority along with other service providers who have created very memorable hiking routes. Hikers can have short or long trips depending on one’s interests with even day tours possible. For hikes to the Margherita peak, hikers are recommended to undertake the 9 Days Mountain Rwenzori hiking trip.

Though not the highest in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains are unique from the single-standing Mountain Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya. Hiking the mountain ranges offers a much more beautiful experience, it’s more diverse than hiking through to a peak of a single mountain.


Hikers Tips for Climbing Rwenzori Mountains

Best time to hike: The best time to climb the Rwenzori Mountains is during the months of January to March and June to October. However, January to March is generally colder than June to October and therefore has a higher probability of encountering snow on the summit.

Packing List: Remember to pack suitable hiking clothes and footwear. Pack clothes that are warm and especially of cotton material, long sleeves, and a rain jacket. Pack comfortable hiking shoes that will not cause any ankle bruises.

Each year thousands of tourists on hiking trips hike the Rwenzori Mountains to explore Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley. Acacia Safaris offers short hiking tours to Rwenzori and also long trips for the hike to the peak. For long trips, tourists can add in Uganda gorilla safaris, chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, bird watching, or any other Uganda safari activities.

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