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What is the best safari destination for Kenya safaris? On the analysis by Acacia Safaris Uganda, a list of over 55 national parks in Kenya have been considered before choosing out the best parks to safari in 2022/23.

We tailor both stand-alone, and custom-made Kenya safaris tour packages to the most visited Kenya national parks at an affordable rate. Maasai Mara National Reserve is the best destination for Kenya safaris, with the great wildlife migration activity. A visit to the beaches of Mombasa, such as Diani Beach, Watamu, and many more.

Our discounted Kenya Safaris to Wildlife Safari destinations in Kenya which the Budget of any Africa Traveler. Kenya Wildlife Safaris are arranged to the most visited Kenya safari parks which are located in the Southern part of the Country including Maasai Mara National Park where you experience Millions of Animals (wildebeests) migrating from Serengeti park via river mara

Kenya is one of Africa’s leading tourism destinations. It is one of the best safari destinations for the country; Kenya is the favorite for big game safaris, beach vacations, mountaineering, and cultural tours.

Kenya is a land of many contrasts ranging from varied traditions to the culture of the people, the superb beaches along the coastal area, the equatorial glaciers of Mt Kenya at an altitude of more than 4,573 meters, to the natural habitat inhabited by different types of animals big and small, herbivorous and carnivores.

All this combines to make a small world of Kenya with natural features of its own. Actually, for many travelers, Kenya means wildlife. More than a million wildebeests and zebras cross southern Kenya during the great migration that normally takes place between July and October and they attract predators in big numbers. In the soda lakes are the herds of flamingoes.

If you have ever dreamt about sleeping in the bush surrounded by wildlife while in Africa, then Kenya is for you. Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in Africa with unmatched wildlife. Kenya’s flora and fauna are notably so diverse. The vast plains of the south are characterized by distinctive acacia trees.

The savannah grassland of the Masai mara supports a huge variety of animals and insects. All the big five -The lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and Rhinos can be seen in at least two of the major parks plus a huge variety of other impressive animals.

Kenya has something for everybody. The palm-fringed, tropical, white sandy beaches are one of the key attractions for many who come. Total relaxation is offered for those who want it, and for those who want more action; excitement and adventure are easy to find in a whole variety of forms: deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, white water rafting, mountaineering, off-road driving, snake safaris, and skydiving! You name it; Kenya offers fantastic opportunities for adventure and excitement.

Kenya Safaris and wildlife: Being home to Walt Disney’s “Lion King”, it would be a shame not to spend at least a few days going on a safari here. There are so many game parks throughout this beautiful country; with each one having its own unique landscape, flora, and fauna.

Seeing the big 5 is the attraction for many visitors, which means; lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinos. In addition to the big 5, you’ll be sure to see an incredible variety of wildlife roaming freely through the open savannah.

There are too many animals to mention here, but you’ll be sure to see many species of gazelles and antelopes, zebras, different types of wild cats including cheetahs, mongooses, monkeys, bat-eared foxes, warthogs, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, crested cranes and the extraordinary sight of lakes, literally pink with huge numbers of flamingos.

Wildebeest migration: One of the most amazing wildlife spectacles in the world is the annual wildebeest migration which happens in the Masai Mara game reserve. Literally millions of these ungainly creatures attempt to cross the Mara River and escape the snapping jaws of hungry crocodiles. The sight and sound of this incredible event are one that will last with you for a lifetime.

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