Best Uganda Safaris, Uganda Wildlife Safaris, Uganda Tour Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

Uganda safaris are so diverse and can be confusing to choose from. Here are the #39 best Uganda safaris you shouldn’t miss making part of your Uganda tour.

Dubbed the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is indeed a country worth visiting with lots of safari activities to do and attractions to see. There are several Best safaris in Uganda that a traveler can involve in with the best of them being gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, bird watching chimpanzee tracking, and white water rafting.

Uganda is a travel destination actually suitable for any type of tourist be it solo travelers, couples, families, groups, children, or students. There are activities suitable for everyone.

Any tourists from any part of the world can visit Uganda and have a safari at any time of the year as long as they make prior preparations and bookings.

There are also age restrictions for some activities and the minimum age for entering most of the national parks is 6 years and children below the age of 15 are not allowed to trek mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Persons below the age of 15 are also not allowed to undertake chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo forest, or Kyambura Gorge close to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

For these activities, travelers especially families can decide to have the children stay back at the hotel or ask Acacia safari Uganda to customize kid-friendly activities for them at the time the adults are having their activities.

Age restrictions are set to ensure that those who decide to undertake these activities are capable of doing them fully without irrational behavior towards wildlife.

Children (ages 5-15) are referred to as unpredictable and therefore there is no guarantee that they will follow the rules and regulations for the different activities. This is why they are not recommended for the different activities.

Other activities may not be based on age but the love for adventure an individual has. Activities like white water rafting require an individual that is highly adventurous and can dare to undertake the activity.